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     XOK Sealing Technology Co., Ltd,referred to as XOK, is a nearly 20-year history, professional R & D and manufacturing high-end rubber sealing products.Providing sealed solutions,Production base has more than 11000 square meters of modern factory building, 280 excellent …more
Qualification guarantee

The company can pass the ISO / TS16949: 2009 system certification, RoHS (SGS) environmental certification, KTW certification, REACH certification, food grade FDA certification, etc.

Quality assurance

Personnel quality: all operators must be qualified training, certificates
Raw material testing:IQC must undergo strict test before all raw materials are stored,
so as to ensure that the physical and chemical properties of the incoming materials are
completely consistent before registration
High-precision molds:the company has imported first-class CNC machining centers,and imported Japanese tools to ensure that the mold produced by the high-precision
Into zero defect:the company attaches great importance to product quality,and for this reason, the company has entered the product zero defect. 5S management, visual Kanban management and process control have been implemented. In the production process,once the defective products have been found, they must call the PE engineer immediately and stop production until the problem is solved, so as to avoid the drop off of the defective products.
Product inspection:before the formal production of the product, the first product quality shall be confirmed;the QC shall be sampled in the production process; the finished product and the shipment should be checked before inspection to ensure that the qualified products are issued to the customers.

Integrity first

Companies advocating good faith in corporate culture. Convinced that reputation is priceless, goodwill is gold. To sincere people, integrity win the market. To the customer, frank and full communication, once the promise, do everything possible to meet customers. Pairs of peers, there is a healthy competition in cooperation, but not malicious slander each other. To employees, according to the existing rules and regulations, fair and impartial evaluation, reward.

Focus on professional

Fine workmanship: products produced by high-precision molds, workmanship is relatively fine, without burrs, rough selvedge and convex-concave points, and so on. Long life: In addition to selected high-quality raw materials, the technical staff for decades to develop different formulations of raw materials to meet the requirements of different conditions Liquid nitrogen burr treatment: burr treatment is more better than manual processing

Imported raw materials

Selected high-quality raw materials, the raw materials used by the United States DuPont,Japan Daikin, Germany LANXESS and the United States Dow Corning, the quality is more stable

Strong technology

Precision Seal Selection: the company key personnel engaged in rubber sealing industry for more than 20 years, long-term focus on high-end sealed products. Can be based on customer requirements of different conditions, put forward rationalization proposals, targeted selection of precision.
Mold parting line process: generally the most commonly used mold parting line is 180 degrees, but some customers have very strict requirements of product appearance, can also be customized 45 parting line (sealing face to avoid mold line) or Scrub products.
Extra Large and Small Size:can produce large size 5226 * 12 and above specifications O-ring, and ultra-small line by the 0.3MM seal
High wear resistance: take a special formula, can significantly increase the wear resistance of the ring.Such as wear-resistant requirements of the relatively close door (40 million times) and the solenoid valve with the C-ring (wear this can reach 5 million times, 700 million and 10 million times) can fully meet the requirements Ultra-low temperature: to take special formula, such as rubber NBR long-term use temperature can reach -35 ~ -40 ℃ and -55 ℃ two formulations; FKM (VITON) can reach -35 ~ -40 ℃;PTFE low temperature can reach -192 ℃ Ultra-high temperature: can provide FKM(VITON) and silicone(VMQ) long-term use temperature is generally about 220 ℃ (limit temperature of 240 and 250 ℃); FFKM long-term use temperature is 250 ℃ and 320 ~ 330 ℃ ; special formula PTFE up to 300 ℃ ( Generally -80 to 250 ° C) Other properties: can also be based on the actual use of conditions to provide corrosion resistance,chemical resistance, water vapor, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and other seals

Complete material


First-class equipment

Import high-precision CNC machining center, Taiwan vacuum vulcanization molding machine, intelligent two-stage vulcanization oven, automatic sub-detection machine, automatic full detector, anti-aging tester, compression deformation tester, solvent
tester, And Japan imported hardness tester, frozen to edge machine, tensile tester.

Large inventory

Perennial stocking about 50000 kinds of sealed products,such as O-ring, X-ring, ED ring, rubber ball ,Bonded Washer etc. .For the NBR material, such as the standard size of the American Standard AS568 series, the standard JIS2401 (G / P) series, the Chinese C92 series,German standard DIN series, standard R series,British standard BS series basically are in stock, other sealed products and materials, stock amount is also very large

Mold complete

Standing moulds have more than 20000 pairs, especially in the O ring, such as the standard size American Standard AS568 series, Japan JIS2401 standard (G/P) series, the Chinese C92 series, DIN standard series, the standard British standard R series, BS series are basically mold, other sealing products also have a large number of mold.Non-standard open-made custom, O-ring does not charge mold fees.

Delivery speed

In stock:1~2 days or so shipped, many can be shipped the same day Proofing production: 7~15 days or so Mass production: 10 ~ 25 days or so

Rubber Special-shaped Parts

All kinds of rubber shaped parts (miscellaneous pieces), there are drawings or samples, the Parts can be customized


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